Thursday, September 26, 2013

William Beavers doesn't give a Sh*t what you think.

This is priceless! this city is nuts! I really have to wonder how Blogo is in a federal lock up for 14 years when the Jacksons skate buy with nothing and Actually broke the law.

Now we have the gravely voiced William Beavers the self proclaimed "Hog with big nuts" saying  he doesn't care what his constituent's think about him, And he doesn't "give a shit" what we think of him.

Stay classy big hog, stay classy.

Here Is the problem, we wonder why there is a vast wasteland in cook county, areas that have been left deserted with no food stores and no commerce That's because tools like this guy are corrupt. They steal from people and get away with it. Gee wonder why no one wants to do business there?

We wonder how people and get shot everyday we wonder why kids sell drugs and get a way with it. All we really need to do is look at our elected officials. This guy is a scumbag, just remember he doesn't care what we think.

He says he's a hero in his neighborhood because he fought the government and won, Really?  You were the government. That's how you got off all these charges. Because you are entitled. Too bad the Cook country doesn't have "Big enough nuts"  to put you away longer.

Next time someone we elected stands in front of a TV camera and says "how can this happen", "Oh this is so sad", "What has become of these neighborhoods", tell them to look in a mirror. If the big boys can get away with it, It only makes sense that this kids think they can.

Enjoy your six months in the lock up. that's right six months. Its laughable.

Once you get passed the faux good looks of this city and see what this place is really made up of you cant help but be ashamed.

Smile pretty the whole nation is looking at us, and they are laughing too!


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