Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I rememeber 911, I try not to hate. But its hard. And I cant help it.

It was 12 years ago today when all our lives changed, We know where we where when that first plane hit. We didn't understand, Then a second plane hit. It didn't take a rocket scientist to deduct that on a clear day in Manhattan it was more than a coincidence.

I was doing afternoons at US99.5 at the time so I was sleeping in. Gina came upstairs and woke me up, The look on her face told me something bad happened , My friend Big John was doing the morning show  on US99 and basically did play by play and called it out as terrorism before anyone else. He was the best guy on the radio that day.

It goes without saying we cant forget, and personally  I cant forgive. If that makes me a bad guy, Then I'm a bad guy.

I don't live my life afraid, and I'm pretty much sure I can take care of my family in most any situation, What I don't like is that since that day my kids have never known this country to not be at war. It pisses me off.

Lets face it most that want to interrupt the way we live our lives in this country are from the middle east, This isn't a raciest statement this is a fact. But for some reason we cant speak the truth. Because the truth has been lost to political correctness.

Today, Stop and be thankful for what wet have in this great country, remember how we talked that day, Neighbors stood in the street and just talked. We were Americans, for the most part we stood together.

There are people that want to kill us based on where we live that's a fact, But more and more these days the threat comes from within our borders. The ideology behind that same peaceful religion always seems to be the common denominator.

Do me a favor today, Remember what happened on this day in 2001, Remember those that have laid down their life's to make this nation what it is. Stop at a VFW and say thanks to a Vet. Respect first responders, and love your fellow Americans. Its the best way to remember all the innocent life's lost on the Anniversary of 9-11. This was a tragedy, But lets be honest tragedy's are hurricanes, and tornados. This was murder.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate, and understand by and large this in a small faction of people that did this. But I do find it an egregious task  to forgive.

If you promise not to forget I will promise you I will try and forgive. I hope we can do both.



  1. I totally agree with you. I just came back from 6:15am Mass and not one mention was made of 9/11 at any point during the mass. Even not during the "pray for......" or at the end. I was thoroughly disappointed and also disappointed to not see many flags being displayed in my neighborhood. Ten years ago, flags were even on the cars!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know why you referenced that you could not say this on the air, but I totally agree with your comments.

    1. @Anonymous - I still have my little American flag window cling on one of my car windows & I have a little 3x5 flag waving from the passenger side visor .... sad that today was never mentioned at your Mass - that's sad in itself ....

  2. I remember listening to big john that day...thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel the same way.

    Beth J.

  3. Ray thank you for your honesty. It is sad that yes our children have only known war. I will never forget. It is sad that yes we have moved on but being American isn't only for a day, a week etc. it's sad that people find it only necessary to be a patriotic American on 4TH of July, Sept 11. We need to come together everyday. I appreciate your honesty. I love listening to you and Lisa. Thank you for being there and being YOU

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  5. well said, Ray Ray. sure hope no sensitive sallys comment on your fifth paragraph. you're spot on however. just facts!

  6. Well said Ray.
    I believe you speak for most of us through your post.
    I to find it difficult to forgive and certainly have not forgotten.
    It seems like there is no end to the hate and evil wished upon us by the middle east.

  7. RR , Thank you. You nailed it. I dont like to be or have not thought myself to be racist or a hater,but if it looks like a duck,,,,you know the rest. I was listening to Big John that morning, in my truck at a cust. to make a delivery and could not get out. I sat for about :45 min. listening to John and he got MAD.... I will never forget. everyone as an American was mad, talking to strangers you would'nt normally talk to... Yes you nailed it.... Don Pelka,, Bartlett,Il.. USA p.s. F-350 Diesel rules !!!

  8. I could not have said it better myself and I do also have to agree I have not been able to forgive. I don't think I will ever be able to forgive. My daughter was 2 when this took place and I can remember thinking that this world is becoming more hateful and hurtful for her generation. it's upsetting to know the type of people that are in this world.

  9. RR, So well said. I appreciate the honesty and it is sad "political correctness" has a spot in "real" life today. My flag flies proudly today for all those who lost their lives 12 years ago. One proud American, so glad to be in this great country! Joe Burke

  10. What you wrote was wonderful and I couldn't agree with you more on all fronts! Thank you for speaking what I believe most of us feel on a daily basis! I too remember that day - I remember sitting on my couch with my mouth on the floor, as I watched on television, in complete disbelief as to what was happening! I remember sitting there feeling lost and confused and scared and frantic as I tried to check in with all of those that I so dearly loved. I was urging my sister who worked in Chicago to come home as soon as she could catch the train, I wanted her close to home. I was almost 20 weeks pregnant with my first child at the time and had a doctors appointment to hear the heartbeat for a second time that night. I remember that at that appointment was the only moment of calm I felt at all that day - hearing my unborn child's heart beating so strong, for a moment it gave me a sense of peace and hope. Political Correctness - this country has become "politically correct" in a lot of "wrong" ways in my opinion! I don't hate people and I do not think I am a racist - however I have a hard time with the fact that since that horrible day this country has been walking on eggshells, trying not to offend, making sure everyone has their rights, etc. This country is America - if you move here - then embrace the culture and the good that is this country! Speak the predominant language here which is ENGLISH, if you don't know it learn it. We have started to become the "people pleasing country" which is not a good thing! If you come here know that this is a country of freedom but that doesn't mean turn this country into your home land - we need to stop accommodating every little thing that people complain about! This country has always believed in God - now the kids at school don't even say the pledge due to the word God - because some people don't believe that way. I just can't imagine moving to another country and having that country start changing the way it has done things forever because I and a bunch of my friends are complaining about things we don't like! I am not even a super religious person but that is how this country was started for Pete's sake! These men and women that are out there providing for all of us the freedoms that we are allowed today deserve better! On that note - why are we getting involved in Syria? Can we just take care of our own and not worry about everyone else for a change?! I feel I am beginning to sound like an extremist or something which I am not - I am just frustrated and scared at what this country is becoming. Sorry to rant! Keri

  11. Ray - thank you for saying what so many of us think! On that day I lost a friend in the field in PA. I was a first responder in Northern Lake County, IL on that day! I remember how it shook every first responder & how all of us cried that night for the brothers & sisters that were lost!

    I will never forget that day! And even if you are unable to forgive, that is ok! You have that right! And we live in a country that allows us to have the right to feel however we want.

    Thank you again Ray for the words!

    Your friend,