Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Danica Patrick's Gone Country. So has her Daddy!

I roll with some great people in my life. From Guys who drive trucks to guys that own jets they all are brothers in a way that's hard to explain. I guess at the heart of it all is this: We are all Boys that refuse to grow up.

One of those Guys is TJ Patrick. He's a glass glaser by trade. Builds a wicked race sled, and is a carbon fiber savant. What a surprise  my connection with him is race sleds.

His wife Bev and He are as good as it gets. Oh and their kid is Danica Patrick which is pretty cool. But their daughter Brooke is about to make them grandparents, so I think Brooke is actually cooler.

But I digress, This isn't about Dani, Nor is it about Brooke. Its not even about Bev who can rock the biggest diamond earnings, yet still carry the back of a race sled like a boss. (Bev is the crew chief on both TJ's and my Eagle River class champion sleds)

No this is about how the Patrick's have "Gone country" Just like the Alan Jackson song. 5 years ago when I met TJ, it was "Hillbilly music" and I cant listen to that crap...Blah Blah Blah. To Bevs credit, She was a fan, But not the "Fast Dad" He was still grappling to his wasted youth and big hair bands.

Now fast forward 5 years and TJ's little girl is co-hosting the ACA's in Vegas, With the effervescent  and always cherry Trace Adkins. Guess whose gonna be front row? That's right the "Sire" as he likes to call himself.

He's gone country, Just like Jackson sang about. All of the sudden the musics cool. Although I'm pretty sure it was Kimberly from the band Perry who swayed him!

Have fun out in Vegas big shot. And just like you taught me not do drive like a sissy in the corners, You have learned that this Country music thing is pretty cool.

The teacher has become the student grasshopper!

I guess we can learn something every day. Welcome in.


TJ and Ray Ray.

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