Monday, December 9, 2013

Hwy 40-one blues!

Ok highway 40 Blues is one of my favorite Ricky Skaggs songs. I was reminded of that song yesterday on my way home from Wisconsin.

Usually I come home through Portage by way of 51-39 to I-90. Yesterday I was stopping in Pleasant Prairie  to work on one of my sleds at a friends house. I rolled across the state on Hwy 10 then jumped on 41 near Oshkosh.

So its 10 degrees and snowing, The cars and trucks in the North lanes are rolling at about 35 with the hazard lights on. In the South lanes 75 to 80. WFO One guy even lost his Christmas tree at 80 mph. Just stupidity.

Just south of Oshkosh I stop get gas, and I'm in no hurry. I got all day to roll home. That's a good plan in this kind of weather. My trucks tires are junk anyway so again no hurry.

I go to get back on 41 and its closed. Stopped. Yard sale. Parking lot party. That was the beginning of a very long ride, But I got off in a town called Lannon and just meandered my way to Kurt's house.

The People in that 60 car pileup were not as fortunate. There was at least one death and many injury's. It even made the national news.

The stupidity yesterday amazed me. And here I thought Wisconsin drivers were smart.

Please, and, ( I'm sounding like a dad here.) Slow down. Be careful. Take your time. Better yet take the back roads when it gets nasty. People drive crazy! Lately I have seen too many people die on the roads. Don't need it to be you!


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