Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas with Martina McBride!

I joke that I have a crush on Martina McBride. She's one of the few people that I think is really an artist in every sense of the word.

Its no secret that when she sings no one can match that voice. But her beauty goes way beyond the "voice"

I have been at this radio thing at a pretty high level for quite some time. Not to brag but I have met all the big names. Most are pretty normal, some have big egos. But most are normal people that have the same issues you and I do.

When I met Martina it started with her manager who has been with her forever, a really good guy named Mark. it was at the Allstate arena. Usually we get the "Go do you stage thing  mention the new album and tell them where to buy the shirts than get off stage" Mark never pulls that stuff. Ever. Trust me I have walked off stage because of managers in the past.

As the years have passed for some reason she has always been very nice to me, One year at the CMAs Lisa had tickets to see Ms. Martina with Pat Monahan from the band Train for a CMT crossroads event, I didn't. So I tell Lisa I'm going to the show as well. Then Lisa's friend said "You don't have tickets" Lisa says "watch him Ray can get into anything".

We got to the venue and I just happened to see Martina's bus, I knock on the door and she says "Hey you going to the show"? I said I need a ticket, without hesitation she grabs her daughters show pass and I was in like a boss!

She's just a good soul, with good people all around her. Her husband is the same way, brilliant when it Come's to sound and recording. Probably the best in the business.

My daughter is in Nashville, and she can sing, The things she's doing in the studio at Belmont are amazing, And I'm not easy to impress I have heard it all from where I sit. She goes to school with Martina's daughter but has never introduced herself. I tell her all you need to learn about singing, no matter what genre can be learned while listening to a Martina McBride song. She agrees!

The other day I get a call from Marci Braun who is the music director to the stars and really one of my favorite people in the world. She asked if I was going to be in town for Martina's Christmas show at the Rosemont theater....I said yes!, She said good! Martina needs you on stage!..... I guess its a surprise!

I will have my daughter in tow, Consider it a chance for her to meet one of her idols, Me to visit with some old friends and hear Christmas music the way God intended it to be heard and see not only one of the best singers in the world, But one best people in the world as well.

Grab your tickets this will be as good as it gets!



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