Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Is it time to park the Race sled?

My weekends sometime resemble Groundhog day. I seem to be surrounded by people that are caught up in how cool it is to go in circles on  a sheet of ice. I love to race. But I know that many days have passed since I first raced all those years ago.

I got back into it about five years and many hundred dollars ago. Last year was a big year with many wins including Eagle River which is more than I could have ever expected, It was even better than the CMA award I won in 2010.

But I digress, Every time its the same guys, The same sleds, same tracks, same fun.

And man its fun! from the preparation of Body and Race sled to the hauling of the trailer to the next town. There's something about the smell of race fuel and oil that I just cant describe. It never gets old.

Then after all the goofing around you get out on that track and it becomes real. As they say the B.S. stops when the green flag drops.

For a few minutes there's no job, no payments, no real life till the checkered waves. Then its back to reality.

Reality, man that's a bitch ain't it? the reality is that for most my friends the days of being the fastest are over, We will leave that to the 20 something's. Although we do seem to always find a way to win.

And that last sentence is what its all about "finding a way to win"

After thinking about it perhaps we will race one more year, I think this may be exactly what I said last year!

Here's to a fast safe year! #224

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