Monday, December 2, 2013

Battlin' Bulldogs! State Champs!

I have the distinct honor of telling people where I come from. I was raised in West Chicago, The former "Turner Junction" 30 miles west of Chicago, Hence the name West Chicago. I could go in to details on how the named changed form Turner Junction to West Chicago but it doesn't matter.

The fact is most people would rather say they were from Winfield, But the truth is that I'm, from West Chicago. Its a hard working blue collar town with good people. I'm proud of my hometown and where I came from.

Fifteen years ago I made the move to Batavia. Gina found a home she loved while I was in Nashville at the CMA awards and she had to have it. So I made the move about 8 miles west of the town I was raised in and made the move to the "Windmill city"

All I really knew about Batavia is that's  where my friend Megan Reed (from 100.3) was born and raised. That and the Fox River runs through it.

Live in Batavia for any amount of time and you find out that there are some stigmatisms that come with that as well. Geneva thinks it better, So does St Charles. But the fact of the matter is that's its beautiful town. Not that different than West Chicago. Good hard working nice people.

Saturday Batavia was put on the map by a well deserving bunch of High school kids. The running back a whole 158lbs of unstoppable muscle. The QB He's not the kid that's talking about attending Iowa from Bennet, No he's just a hard working kid that simply has a stratospheric QB rating. A kid that give props to his stud lineman.

The Defense the same way all tough hard working kids. I could name names but that's not what this "team" is about, Its not what towns like Batavia are about.

This team was "ALL IN" in from the start, Gonna be a tough act to follow. But I have some personal insight to the next round of kids coming up through the system. Our town is in good hands although there's a certain linebacker that owns my heart and soul, So I'm a little biased

The better part of this story is the way the boys roll, Respectful good kids. And although that may sound Cliché, its not. When your kid plays football in this town its instilled in them. It's not an option to be anything but a good kid, and that's the best part of this program.

Today this hard working town holds its head high. No one in the state is better.

What a great year for the coaches, students, town, and team



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