Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From a Saturday morning to State.

There you were with your cup of coffee. There were what seemed like 100 football fields and a bunch of pint sized kids running around with flags on their belts.

Some ran the right way, some ran the wrong way, but in the end everybody had fun and got a ribbon.

Than you may have chosen to let your kid play in the "Bantam" league. That's where at a young age, your kid puts on the pads and takes that next step into the game. Some opt for the flag league, which is a little easier on their bodies. There are several benefits to both options a parent can choose.

No matter what path they took, the years went by. Moms and Dads formed car pools, friendships, and became involved in the well being of every kid. They started to grow up. Homework got harder and so did the game.

Parents do what parents are supposed to do. But make no mistake, the stars are the kids. After all the years, after all the time in the weight room, after all the bumps breaks and bruises, they make it to Friday night.

You watch your kid play at a better level than you ever did and that's something that no one that hasn't been there cant understand.

I watch my friends kids play. I keep an eye on the High Schools they go to and I cheer them on. I have listeners that are coaches and I wish them well.

Every real parent behind a kid like this knows the work that has been put in. You want your kid to win at all costs, but its not the end if they don't. In High School this is just the beginning. And to get to the final game of the year is huge. It what legends are made of.

This Saturday at 1p in DeKalb many of the kids I have watched since they were grabbing flags on a Saturday morning field will play for the Batavia Bulldogs. They are great kids that represent their city with pride.

On the opposite side of the ball, I'm sure the same can be said for the Richards Bulldogs as well. I have had calls from listeners that have mostly been of the "good luck" variety. These are good kids as well that have worked just as hard.

After the State game there will be a score that indicates a winner. As cool as that is, it's sad. It's too bad all kids cant get a ribbon this time. But this is more indicative of what these kids will face in life.

To the kids that will play this weekend, RR wishes you epic plays, killer hits, and be smart after the game.

I love Batavia Illinois. Between there and West Chicago is where I have always lived, but I also have an affection for the South Suburbs of Chicago. Great listeners, Hard working people who have always treated me well.

Good luck this weekend at State. Hard work pays off. Here's to a injury free game.


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