Tuesday, November 26, 2013

While he still knows who I am.

That's the title of a Kenny Chesney song. Its about a Dad who has Alzheimer's. The just of the song visit dad while he can still converse and function the way he used to.

My dad was diagnosed with this disease a few years back. The memory loss creeps at us like an ice burg. It slowly steals his short term memory. Some days are good, Some not so good.

Now its my job to take care of Mom and make sure she's OK as the burden on the care taker is a daunting one. Casual listeners of my radio show must wonder why I spend so much time in Wisconsin most every weekend. Hell even Robbie Gould thinks its because I love Aaron Rodgers. But here is the real reason.

I'm slowly losing my dad, At fist glance everything seems normal, He looks great, Dresses well, and still remembers his kids names. But once you get passed the surface you can see that Big Ray is in decline.

This year due to life's progression I will not be with my kids this year, Matter of fact I'm pretty sure I wasn't  with them last year. But that's OK as we grow up we think we know that we are doing the right thing.

The one thing I know for a fact is my Dad needs me, But we have other family commitments, the other grandparents, The Boyfriend, all the stuff that's important. and it is important don't get me wrong.

The fact is clear, At this point of my life there will never be a relationship in my life that can match that of my father and me. I suppose if I were more like him my kids would be with me this weekend. But that's another story for another time.

My Pops used to make calculus look silly, he could solve complex problems in his head but those days are gone, They are replaced by the same questions over and over again. The good part is I can answer those questions. I have the time just as he did for me.

Enjoy your family this weekend no matter what your circumstances may be, My dad and I have had some great times, Crazy times, And now although some may not see it we have "short time"
I'm gonna make sure we spend as much as we can together, "While he still knows who I am.


This is my dad graduating basic upper row middle.


  1. Amen, RR. Watching our dad get old is hard. It makes me feel good that you are supporting your mom just like I am. Being the caregiver is tough. Have a great time up north.

  2. Doing what you can for your Dad is a most honorable thing. We have to enjoy them while we can, hold their hand when it is time, love them with all we have. It is also a blessing that YOUR family supports your need to do this. You are setting a wonderful example what true love is about......you are a good man.

    I lost my dad 2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday, but he knew he was loved; when it was time he knew it was ok to go.

    Love you and your show......and what you stand for!