Saturday, November 23, 2013

Go Bulldogs on to state!

Congrats to the Batavia Bulldogs! Yes that's where my kid goes but he's a freshman and his season has been over for a while.

These boys have worked forever for this, two a days, lifting with buddies, speed class, good grades. They have done it! And are making history as only the  second team in Batavia history to make it to state.

The focus is a win, but this kids have already won.

As far as the coach, this guy didn't know me a year ago and really other than a few handshakes here and there we are pretty much acquaintances . But when my kid was in 8th grade I needed some help and this guy didn't hesitate. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Yes this is about the kids, they have earned it, it's about moms and dads who have driven these boys to practice after practice, it's about late nights of homework  after a long practice.

Yes it's great for the town and the fans, but it's also for this coach who's a hell of a good guy.

Congrats Batavia, to all the coaches and kids this is what the big time feels like.


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