Friday, November 22, 2013

What makes a Man.

We have show topics that border the insane at times. Today was a banner day.

E-mail from a US99.5 listener, says "My guy doesn't change his own oil" and she went on to say how that "diminished" him as a man in her eyes.

It's always interesting to me how  listeners then  pile on and give their opinions, I can only use myself as an example, And I always get a comment from some Tool bag knuckle dragger that wants to challenge me to who's the better guy. Ah testosterone is a wonderful thing.

My dad taught me to Build, Taught me to wrench, Hunt, Shoot, whatever.

I will teach my kids the same thing, I will teach my girls as much as they want to know, Currently I'm Teaching Conner how to  multi task with all the crap he has going on, Football, Math, School.

Multi task there is a word we didn't have when I was a kid.

Perhaps we lose focus on what really makes a man. I think if we can teach our kids how to do the above mentioned things we have a start, Then mix in respect for Mom and Dad, How to love a woman, Respect people, be kind, yet firm...... Then we would have something.

One topic we had a few weeks ago was that a "Survey" said "Most people are guilty of judging people at first glance" Seems we proved that one today.

You can judge me all day long, I may not fit what you think a Man ought to be, But my life works out for me.

And the best thing my Dad taught me is not give a Rats ass about what people think of me.

I'm getting better at that last part by the minute!


This is a float bowl I was cleaning from a Mikuni carb on an old sled I found. Wonder If my ability to fix this makes me a better guy, Doubt it.

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