Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A day in the life of a 16 year old

Yesterday I hung out with my boy, Football has ended so its time for things to slow down.

Here's the afternoon schedule.

2:30 pick up from High School.

We grab something to eat for an hour

4p physical therapy for a lower leg injury that lasts till 5:45.

Drivers Ed from 6 till 8p.

Homework from 8:15 till midnight.

In between we talk about cars, Trucks, Thanksgiving, His sisters and his mom, and of course Batavia playoff football. Than we talk about his math teacher who he "Loves", (note :sarcasm)

In between the running around, Which is usually something his mom does I try and take a peek inside the life of this kid, Its complicated, Its goofy, Hes fun and funny.

His life revolves around Football. We talk about things like, When do you stop growing? How many times a week do you work on leg strength? Can I race snowmobiles? (The answer is no to that one).

We don't hang out as much as we should, He's busy. Much busier than I am. But Hes solid, a good kid that loves his Mom, His family and his Bulldogs. I'm not certain I have that in the right order, But if you have a kids you know what I'm talking about.

Here's to a time when he can just relax and enjoy the ride. His High School experience so far has been great, Now if we can just get passed that math teacher!



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