Thursday, November 14, 2013

"He Can't Amount To Much By The Look Of That Little Truck"

That's a line from the Tyler Farr song "Redneck crazy".

Now recently I have been in the market for a new truck and man my vocal hillbilly buddies are speaking up.

Some of my younger race buddies think I need a hopped up 17.1 Duramax diesel Rollin on 35's with a 8 inch lift. Now I expect that from the Trez boys they are young, good kids. That's the way your supposed to think when you 18 years old.

But another buddy of mine we will just call him "Adam Schroeder" He says I need a 7 ton with a 986 blown and injected monster block. He shouldn't think that way, He's way to old to measure up by the "size" of his truck.

This is where I have to tell the boys to relax. My truck has to serve a couple purposes. One of those is for it to fit in a Chicago parking garage. My last Ford was a f-250, 3" lift 35's, Weld wheels, and propane injection. It was awesome. But I let the wife drive that. She hated it. Meanwhile I drove her car to work. That way I have a comfortable ride to work and an awesome tow rig for the race weekends. That's no longer an option.

I'm currently building a 1975 Ford F-250 highboy for my son. That's where my redneck will show. But for me I'm no longer into driving  a beast, Or going mudding for that matter. So I will leave that to my buddies. My knuckles no longer drag the ground like my buddy Adams do.

Now days I have to have a ride that looks good at the valet of some of Chicago's best hot spots as well as in the woods.

I bought  a nice half ton, That's a nice as any car out there. But its not a "Big Truck" so I guess I don't amount to much!

Drive on!


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