Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ray Ray wonders what's wrong with this world!

I post on a national website that talks radio topics. This is one I posted Tuesday morning.

Last night in Rosemont, which is a stones throw from Chicago I hosted a Veterans day event. It was advertised on my Radio station, It was on local TV, It was on social media and newsprint. I can quantify that on Rosemont's website it had 531,000 views.

We had a WWII veteran that was honored, A decorated Nam vet, and a family that lost a son in Iraq. There were two great bands. One of the bands is a popular Nashville act.

We also had the Great Lakes navy band. It was a nice tribute to our veterans.

My problem is this, In a town this big with all this publicity we had 200 people show up. Now the weather was a factor it was snowing and commute times were long but in a theater that holds 3500 we had 200 people show up to honor these men and women.

Now I have been to many concerts where the weather was crap and people showed up, Granted I didn't have Garth Brooks in concert, But it was a solid show with people that are real hero's and hardly anyone took the time to honor this warriors

I guess its a sign of the times, Post your thank you notes on Facebook and twitter and that's good enough.

pretty sad.

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  1. Thanks Ray, I would of Come out, but my Father a ( WWII vet) is in Hospital who suffers from Alzheimer's and is in need of Hospice at this time...I have been taking care of him for 4 years now..So i Am Honoring him Everyday..and All Vets..Thanks Again, God Bless..