Monday, November 11, 2013

Our flag was still there......

Today at a casino, (that's where older people in Northern Wisconsin go) My dad will dawn his "Electric Strawberry" hat and head into a free breakfast.

It seems the older you get the more you love free stuff. My Mom told me yesterday that hat that boasts the "Electric Strawberry" gets my Dad a ton of respect where ever he goes. Free perks at the store, Discounts, even a discount at the local town dump. Says its the best gift I ever gave him.

That hat and strawberry logo are that of the 25th infantry. My dad did 4 years in the Army, two active combat duty in Korea. He never spoke much of his service but as he got older he shared with me what he saw, What he had to do, and how it changed him.

My sisters never spent that much time in a boat with him, They never really had the chance to sit in his truck for hours heading hunting or fishing. Back in the day when the boys came home they never talked about what they went through. They just forged on. Kind of barbaric but those were the times. To me they were just cool story's, Looking back perhaps it was how he coped with what he had been though.

My moms side of the family sent Ray, Eldon, and Uncle Ed to  WWII, Ray was a decorated flyer with more than 10 enemy planes shot down. The boys all went to war from Brookfield and they all came home.

As a family we were lucky.

We all know those that aren't so lucky, From back then and lately from the wars we currently find ourselves in around the globe.

As a young man going to the post office to register for selective service you understand what service to your country may entail. Honestly it was a little scary.

But as you mature and know how cool this country is you understand that some things are worth fighting for. Yes our country has flaws but that not what Veteran's day is about.

This day is simply a huge thank you to those that have laid it all down for this Great Nation. Today I hope you join me in Rosemont for our free concert, Our "Salute to the Troops" Its just a small way of saying Thanks. And a chance to see some great bands and have fun.

But make no mistake these warriors don't need anything more than a handshake, and a thank you. There are many we owe a debt of gratitude too. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in freedom. Its because of them and their spirit  that this Nation always will prevail.

To those that have served, To those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, To those that fight for us today that find themselves miles from home. I simply say thank you.

Its because of "You" That our flag is still there.


My dad is center top row.


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