Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Bears lost a fan, Chicagoland vacationers to the Northwoods lost a friend.

Yesterday after a Bears win in Green Bay, after being up for 38 hours awash in an unlikely win. I received some bad news.

My parents bought a little cabin on a lake in St Germain Wisconsin 40 years ago. Since I was a little boy this cabin was the place my dad and I became best friends.

I was in 8th grade when my dad decided we needed to be bow hunters, We would be in our tree stands early. Too early for a kid in high school. But it was fun. One day my dad had a little fall out of his tree stand and needed some much needed spiritual up lifting. This came in the form of black berry brandy.

We stopped at a little place that looked like a house with a Budweiser sign that said "Twilight". This was years and a few owners before a guy named Steve Pulec would buy this quaint little Northwood's bar.

The Bar business is tough anywhere, Even harder for a guy who loves The Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs in Northern Wisconsin. But when you're good, You're good. And the owner of the Twilight was loved by many, Dare I say all.

No matter if their was 200 people packed in this little place you could feel his presence. A personality that welcomed all, Really one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I have many friends that own bars from the biggest in Chicago to the smallest in the far reaches of the world. I'm not sure I have ever met someone like this guy.

I work in a business where you have to grin and bare a lot of BS. I'm sure this was the same for Steve but I never saw him not embrace his customers. A true salesman and entertainer.

Monday night after Steve's favorite team won over the Packers he quietly lost his battle to cancer. The stars must have aligned to make that happen. Being a Bears fan in Chicago or anywhere has been tough lately. But even the biggest Packer fan that knew Steve was OK with a Packers loss to usher this Bear fan into Heaven.

Steve leaves behind two beautiful girls, His awesome fiancée and a host of friends from near and far, His impact on me will not soon be forgotten, I could sit in this bar for hours with my friends and feel like I was in my family room, It can help but be different now.

Yesterday the calls poured into my Radio show faster than his apple pies shots on a Friday night, This weekend my friends and I will make it a point to go lift a few in his memory.

Today the sign that says "Twilight" Shines a little dimmer today.

Rest in peace my friend.


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  1. Very nicely written and such a great tribute to an old friend. Thoughts are with you and Steve's family.