Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Green bay its a sorry day!

I have done things that don't make me proud. I have done things that make people laugh and say "that guys like a freight train. He never stops". The one thing you will always get out of me is respect for those that serve and protect.

I host a nationally syndicated radio that touts the service of those that put on a uniform. I understand that there are bad things that happen in the world . And those with nerves of steel must turn to  their training in the blink of an eye. Make no mistake being a police officer is tough job.

Last night in Green Bay neither of those things happened, Nor does the Green Bay arresting officer get any credit for being anything but a rouge tough guy wanna be. On my show "Serving your Country" We speak of the good things people do. Perhaps its time to talk about when "Police do stupid things".

Here's how one Green Bay officer protected the community. Two women wearing Chicago Bears jerseys were in a bathroom line. Allegedly they cut the line. That's when they were arrested. And might I add not nicely, When a mother of two get roughed up by a cop is nothing more than BS. Especially when the "Perpetrator" is 49 and has never caused anyone a problem.

I mean for God sake think for a moment how stupid this is.

What was the law that was broke here? Does cutting in line constitute an arrest? And again it is an alleged cut in a bathroom line. And its so stupid that this is even being talked about. Let alone that someone would waste a police departments time with something so silly.

The fine she paid was 1800.00. 1800.00 let that sink in, One of the tickets was for resisting arrest. because this woman is such a bad ass she needs to get thrown to the ground and cuffed. It makes me wonder where this officers training was. Makes me wonder what would happen if she would have jay walked.

I have supported Green Bay and its fans for many years, Last year you may recall a young lady named Katelyn Collins who was being bullied by Bears fans on line. Who came to her defense? who had a hand in getting her on CBS national news?  I despise when some one is being picked on by a guy? That's right it was me. Her dad is a police officer in Vilas Country Wisconsin. Since he has a girl and is one of the good guys this would never happen. Never. Period.

My friend will go to court, Get a lawyer, and the charges will be dropped when someone who is smarter than Dirty Harry lends a voice of reason. But alas it will cost money. A lot of money.

Green Bay Wisconsin we are smart enough to know this is not the norm. We wont judge the stupidity of this arrest. But if your a dad talk to your kids let them know what can happen in an instant. Let them know that those that are supposed to serve and protect don't always do that.

Every week I profile an everyday hero on my radio show, Not the show in Chicago the one that covers the US. This week perhaps I focus on this arresting officer?

Lets let the light shine on Green Bay. I think it will be this weekend. I tape Wednesday lets give this guy the Atta boy he deserves.

No, I would never do that. Its not how I roll. Its not fair to the good police officers out there. And we always know there is more good than bad. Today for my friends in Green Bay its tough when your team loses. Its worse when you town loses.



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