Thursday, October 31, 2013

Takes me back to when I was a kid!

Ah Halloween. what are your going to dress as ? Me not a dam thing. But it always takes me back to when I was a kid.

I remember when ,my dad who was a sheet metal worker made me the Tin Man. It was an awesome costume although it was a huge pain in the ass. I did win the Benjamin school custom contest. it was a banner day I think I even won the "Cake walk contest".

But now days I don't get amped up for Halloween, Its for the kids. No need for me to try and be "that guy" on Halloween.  I will man the post at the house. Pour a whiskey and get a kick out of the kids that show up.

I don't care if the high school kids stop by, Its their day. They are having fun. I get a kick out of people that make up rules as to how old a kid must be to knock on a door.

I love the towns that are moving trick or treating because its raining. Its nuts, Its a little rain. I remember waking in the snow to grab my coveted Halloween stash, we would hit the neighborhood  two or three times for a candy supply that would hopefully make it through December.

Whether you still dress up or not, Or perhaps you having the party in the cul-de-sac  enjoy the goofy night it will be because one day you will look back on this rainy night as one to remember.

And if your town moves trick or treating back a day, Use tonight to hit another town and double your haul. That way you will be set to Valentines day!



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