Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Now with that said, I was thinking yesterday how that horrible word Cancer has brought some pretty cool people together and into my life.

Yesterday I was at a book release party for my friend Ken Churilla his book is "No One Said It Would Be Easy" Its a look at a mans journey through breast cancer and the subsequent loss of his wife.

The book is available through Amazon and is a great read, albeit eye opening.

The Other thing Cancer has done is introduce me to the Cooks, This family puts the C in Crazy. I met Kim several years ago when she started a bike ride for breast cancer and knew I rode. This was a grass roots upstart and she wanted me to ride a Hundred mile a day to raise money and awareness.

The ride is daunting on day two your in hill country in Wisconsin and although its not like riding the continental divide, It  is a hundred mile challenge that in August is tough, But as I was reminded its nothing like battling cancer. So man up, Shut up, and ride.

Cancer will bring together thousands of people this December for our St Jude radiothon. An event that has made me friends with Randy Owen from Alabama. An event that has helped save many life's.

These are all good people, all touched by this bullshit disease.

If you not involved, Get involved, Its only a matter of time before we find a cure. And you life's will be better with the Kens, Kim's and Randy's of this world!



  1. Amen I am a breast cancer survivor of 2 1/2 years. This disease changed my outlook on life. I learned live every day like its your last and always give back. I do the American Cancer Society walks and have met some wonderful people through my support groups. Been listening to US99 since the 80's love your station and all the charity work you guys do.

  2. Because of US99 I have donated money and many hours each year to St. Jude. I started 15 years ago after having two kids. I felt that any parent should have a place to take their child for care if needed regardless of their wealth, and without insurance red tape. Cancer came into our lives not through our children but as a hereditary condition known as BRCA1, that is what Angelina Jolie brought into the spotlight a few months ago when she had the double mastectomy and urged others to get checked. The problem is that when you tell the insurance company you want to be tested, they can determine that your odds of having BRCA1 are too low and deny the testing. That's what they told us after a highly credible doctor found the mutation in my mother-in-law and cautioned the rest of the family to be checked out. The test is not cheap but considering what's at stake we dug deep into our own pockets to find out the doctor was right, the insurance company was WRONG. In fact the doctor was so right, 3 of the 6 children tested came back positive for BRCA1. This has meant many long hours in hospitals numerous surgery's, with more to come. But, at least we found out and have the chance to add years to the lives of our loved ones. Insurance company's - shame on you. If you think or have been told to may be at risk, go for the test. don't let big business and some bean counter make that call for you.