Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#47 for the Freshman Bulldogs....Bravo.

Tonight Conner wraps up his first year as a freshman footballer for Batavia High School. Since he was little and in the Batavia Youth football league he has wanted to do one thing.

That one thing is football. I think he has played it well. Been a tough year by his standards the wins aren't there the way he would like.

He was moved from Middle linebacker to outside linebacker, It was a tough adjustment but the team needed his speed on the corners. Last week they moved him back to the middle. He feels more at home there and makes better plays in that position.

The cool thing is he doesn't care where he plays just as long as he's on that field.

At the age of 14 soon to be 15 he's a leader and he's the captain of the defense (captain is voted on by the players) he's also been chosen by his school to take part in "Rachel's challenge". This is a program that helps teachers and kids understand the challenges kids and teachers face. Rachel was a student at columbine. He's a winner.

Its been fun to watch this kid grow up. He's got a heart of gold, and the best part is that football team is his band of brothers. Lately I have written about how kids  never lose at this game of football, Kids never lose when they are involved. No matter what the sport. No matter if its sport. Just as long as they find something they love.

He's hard on himself and he get bogged down with homework, Personally I think he needs a break after summer camp, Two a days, and this season has taken a toll. But if you ask him he would just as soon want to go to practice tomorrow night.

My high school buddy Richie Hunts son is finishing up his HS carrier at Sycamore and following his comments on Facebook I know that I'm  not alone in my adoration for my kid. I'm proud of him not because of how he plays but how its made him respect his teammates and how it makes him respect hard work.

Time fly's and before I know it we will watch him play his last game. But the things that Batavia football team has taught him will follow him for ever.

Thanks to all his coaches and teammates  for a great year. We will  see you next year on the big field!

Go Little Man. Go Dawgs.

*Note: he changed to number 47 during the season so when he comes in offence he doesn't have to check in with the Ref's.

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