Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Have a nice Jay.......

Ok I have taken a few days off from the blog, Yesterday I took some heat from the Chicago Bear Kool-Aid drinking faithful and here's why.

I said the "Green Bay Packers were a good team and that Rodgers was a good QB and fun to watch"

I may as well have said "I hated the Bears" which is far from the truth. I have grown up in or near this big beautiful town all my life. My Little League coach was a man named Bill Bishop who played 8 years for the bears and 2 for the Minnesota Vikings. He taught me the art of hard work when it came to sports. He introduced me to hard work when it come to sports. He loved the Bears, he was tough and a hard worker.

Now I'm not saying these current pro players aren't hard workers, Some just gel better as team players than others. And for some reason in the last few years, Really the last 25 with the exception of the Rex Grossman Super bowl year (loss to Indy) the Bears haven't been very good.

I could get out the facts, But since Farve and Rodgers we have basically been lost, albeit we have had a few good season like last year when the Beloved won 10 games and still missed the playoffs.

Now if you go back the 91 years the teams have played the Bears still lead the rivalry  by 5 games. But if you were to go back the past 20 years it would make any Bear fan cringe.

Sunday as I watched with my dad and my son I told my kid, "Don't get caught up with what's going on, The Bears are gonna play just good enough to lose at the end" And I told him unless Jim McMahon show up we cant believe in miracles" 

I hate to think that way but, It seems to be the way things work out. Jay Cutler love him or hate him is a stud, He has all the tools but seems to lack attitude. At least that's what his critics say. I don't know him, But you must admit he has a certain don't give a dam attitude. Honestly that's a cool swagger, But it has to be accompanied by wins.

Just like the Cubs, The Bears break my dads heart. and now they are breaking my kids heart. My Mom and Dad are older, and they live most the year at his Wisconsin retreat. Its not easy for the old timer to be a fan of the Bears up north. My Son just loves football and we have been lucky enough to go to our fair share of games at Soldier field.

I guess what I'm saying is this, I appreciate hard work, and talent, Watching guys like Rodgers and Jordie Nelson is what "gelling and chemistry" are about. Same thing with Cutler to Marshall or Jefferies. Its artwork. It just seems to work out better for the other teams.

I hate that Cutler is hurt, It not forever. But its going to sting. And don't look now but guess who we play next.....That's right the Pack, In Green Bay..... And while your cringing in front of your TV, I will be wearing my Walter Payton away jersey in Lambeau getting heckled by Packer fans. Expecting a miracle.

My dad and son will take it hard if they lose, This guy will understand were all just cheering for millionaires wearing different jerseys than they wore last year.

Do your self a favor, Go catch a game at a local high school this weekend you will love the heart of a pure player.

Thank God for football, Thank God you don't live in Green Bay!



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