Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When an American soldier is a Bad Ass, and has just as much compassion.

Yesterday an American bad ass was given the Medal Of Honor from the President in Washington.

The Soldier  was Army Capt. William Swenson whose actions  caught on a helmet cam were mind blowing.

He was in an intense firefight with Taliban fighters in the Ganjgal valley near the Pakistan border four years back. He lost five of his American  brothers that day, By all accounts he was going through hell as he tried to fight and save his fellow soldiers at the same time.

I'm sure these types of fights happen all the time, after all its war and wars not pretty. But during this firestorm, fighting to save and recover fallen troops he did something that was caught on camera that was a act of compassion that we seldom hear about.

On that day while 10 coalition troops, 5 Americans and an Interpreter were killed. But many more were saved by Capt. Swenson. As he loaded one wounded solider into the helicopter that day he kissed him on the forehead and said "hang in there"

Think about that for a second. All Hells breaking loose and he had enough time to say"hang in there" I'm not sure about you but if I was in a moment of dire need, with death staring me in the face  and someone did that to me or someone I loved It would mean the world to me.

God bless this guy. And in case it goes unsaid : To those that serve and those that have thank you for your service!

Just think if those in Washington had the resolve this guy did that day, I doubt we would be in the mess we are in today. Perhaps we should send our elected officials over there for a day or two.



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