Tuesday, October 15, 2013

D-Rose- D done?

Ok so the Bulls go to Rio to be part of the international basketball sensation. Not sure there is an "International basketball sensation but lets face it B-ball is more international than American football and the NFL has 3 games scheduled in Europe next year so let the boys play...

In Rio, D Rose sat out for precautionary reasons. I get it. Its pre season, But I'm sure the NBA didn't send one of the leagues most popular  players just to go get some sun, or one of those signature bikini waxes.

Now comes word that the knee is sore after the plane flight. I feel bad for the kid, But lets put it in perspective. I Once  met a guy who worked at the International-Navistar  engine facility in Melrose Park where I met a man who never missed a day of work in 30 years. He stood at that same spot putting on pan gaskets for 30 years. Bet his knees were sore too. But he never sat out.

Now don't get me wrong, There's hardly a comparison. But Chicago is a hard working town. And I believe Derrick is a hard working kid, But Chicago is also an honest town. And at this point I think their  needs to be some honesty. I have to think the knee has some issues.

The good thing is D-Rose is set for life, Lives in the Trump Tower. has more money than he could ever spend yet this is a kid from Englewood and all he wants to do is play.

All I ask is that the Bulls just be honest, Forget about future ticket sales, and all that BS  just let the fans know what's up with the kid. He has been out for a year and still has the second best selling jersey in the league and that translates into money.

But even the casual fan can feel something's askew here and its not good. At least when he plays those pick up games here in town he will have lots of money to bet with the street players!!

I hope he's ok, I'm tired of King James.


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