Friday, October 11, 2013

When You're Ass gets kicked.

I know I have listeners that are going through hell, Its a tough deal when the hand you are dealt just continually  kicks someone's ass.

In this case its a family member that's struggling and has found themselves up against a wall. I cant go into specifics, Its not one of my kids. Not my sisters. But this kid is one of my favorite people in the world.

He has a substance addiction and an attitude that can lead to a bad combination, But through all of that all I see is a 5 year old little man that wanted to name his puppy "Quarter to Nine" he finds himself in a world of trouble today and it honestly breaks my heart.

Earlier this month I blogged about how "We don't know where someone's been" It was about a foster dog that is teaching me a thing or two about life. 20 years ago I would have scoffed and said tackle your problems. But years will teach you to know better.

My dad is a recovering alcoholic, been 30 years since he had a beer. He makes makes it look easy. I know that its not.

If someone you know or love is heading down the wrong path, stop WTF you are doing and help. Today I wonder if theirs more  that could have been done. And the answer is yes but I also suppose someone has to hit the bottom before than can get up.

I'm not much on prayer, (something else I should work on) and today I pray for one of my favorite people in the world.



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  1. Stay strong Ray! I wish I knew the balance of trying to help and letting them hit bottom. Just know that you are doing your best.