Friday, October 11, 2013

Behind The Boyzz

Todays Ramblin' Rays feel good story of the day!

Jennifer Kmiecik  is by all measure an awesome football mom. Most football moms are dedicated but Jennifer takes it to a whole new level.

I have seen first hand how the love for a son can lead a mother to give up her own personal time to chase after kid, from hockey to gymnastics and everything in between. If your kids are student athletes you are  busy on a whole different level.

Jennifer is a football mom in Bartlett her team is the Bartlett Hawks. The kids on that team are lucky to have her,  She does what a lot of moms and dads do. She helps. She's there all the time. And the Beneficiaries are the kids. 

Recently she entered a contest on behalf of her team and won a 1000.00 bucks. Decent money for the kids but put that into perspective . If you had to pay Jennifer for the time she dedicate to the players and the Pom Pon girls it would be a hell of a lot more than a grand. But that fact she entered the contest and won will do her program a ton of good!

This weekend from pee wee to college there are Moms and Dads everywhere that hold their breath on every play. Just hoping the kids have a good game, That your kid put a good clean hit on a kid and that that other kid gets up and is ok.

Here's to all those that know exactly what I'm talking about. In my son's life his personal trainer, tutor, and spiritual  leader is a mom named Gina.

Jennifer Kmiecik your todays "feel good story" of the day. To all the People who will make the plays behind the scenes this weekend thanks for everything you do.

Here's to a injury free weekend. Go Bulldogs!



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