Thursday, October 10, 2013

The NFL continues to be a joke.

Ah the NFL, and the rules. Can I just first say this? Enough of the pink. If 100% of the proceeds from this stuff was going to charity I would believe in their  over exposure of this but its not. Its a money making opportunity for the league to sell your favorite teams stuff in another color. It borderline disgusts me.

Don't get me wrong any funding is a plus, but to camouflage everything in pink and act like your the saving grace is little more than a publicity stunt. And before you tell me I'm insane I ask you to look up my record on what my personal contributions to the comprehensive research center at RUSH here in Chicago. I'm sure the league means well, but the NFL is profiting. Make no mistake.

Tonight when the Bears take the field they say the will toss Brandon Marshall out of the stadium if he does not comply and wears green socks. That's because the sox he wants to were would be out of compliance.

The socks he wants to wear are green I guess that's the color for Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health awareness week happens to be this week, Brandon struggles with some issues and I'm sure he means well. But here's the problem. The NFL is not going to make any money off the green so he's SOL. No green socks for you!

So my question is this, The league will toss you for wearing the wrong color socks but not the other crap these guys pull off all year long? Its laughable. Alleged Rapists, Murderers, and thugs. again alleged. God knows these guys have better lawyers than I do!

I would love to see the NFL enforce some good behavior rules. Granted there are more good guys than bad but its become a joke.

Let me know what color socks Brandon wears, And let me know if they are still promoting Hispanic Futbol Month and if they are tossing pink flags. I will be watching my kid play for nothing more than the love of his town and the game.

Go 47 Go Dawgs.


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