Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Should the Blackhawks change thier name?

Just wondering what the thought process was over the ever-increasing pressure to be so political correct that we no longer call a sports team a certain name because it offends some.

I have lived here long enough to see things like the Naperville Central Red Skins to be changed to the Red Hawks, I understand that its a public school and why they would want to change the name. and after all these years it still upsets my buddies who went their  and played football because part of their past has somewhat been erased, Albeit a small part.

I always thought the Indian names were a tribute to the pride and the tactical skill in how they lived their life's. But what do I know?

Dan Schneider says the Washington Redskins will not change their name, Even though Barackstar thinks they should. Thanks Mr. Obama. Now sit down like a big boy with that other party and fix problems that really matter. (Perhaps Bruce Springsteen can sing a song and make it all just go away?)  oops lost focus, That's from the lead paint when I was a kid....

I'm not a Redskins fan and I don't have a feeling one way or the other but this is America correct? don't we have certain rights that give us freedom of speech? Freedom of expression? With that said if I don't like what the Redskins name implies, Than don't I have the right to boycott them? or not use their product? That's where it hurts hit them, hit them in the pocket book.

But that's not the way it works anymore we have to have someone else's beliefs jammed down our throats due to what someone thinks is good behavior. welcome to the land of the free.

As far as the our Stanly Cup Champ Chicago Blackhawks I guess this name change thing has never been an issue, That's because  "Chief Blackhawk"was a person and not a tribe. The Sauk chief "Blackhawk" was by all accounts a stud and a brilliant leader.

Now keep in mind that Chief Blackhawk Scalped his first victim of war to impress his father. So that begs the question, Do I want to cheer for a team named after such a ruthless leader? Of course I do! that's what happens in wars there are winners and losers.

I just feel bad for all those that laid down their life's so we no longer have freedom to be the land of the free.

And if you disagree with me I welcome your opinion, That's what were supposed to be able to do in this country, America home of the free, Land of the divided!



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