Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What makes you cry?

Ah what we do to make fodder for the radio  Todays was what makes you cry? I said the National Anthem. Lisa scoffed and kind of dismissed it. But that's what it is for me.

But here's what will really do it for you. My daughter can sing the Anthem with the best of them. Watching your baby sing that song and nail it will get me every time.

Think about it, You have watched her grow from this little girl from the start. Been to every school program. Gymnastics, Cheer leading, School plays. all the things kids do. Then there she is in front of 24,000 people nailing it at Wrigley or the Cell. That will do it for me every time.

This past Sunday leaving Solider field when my kids shakes the hand of a US service member. Make me proud. Makes you know that in a life of sometimes questionable choices you have done something right. And that will get me as well.

Yesterday a big ol' buddie of mine had to make the decision to put his dog to sleep. and that will get me every time.

I'm proud of my kids, watching them succeed is the best thing I can ever hope for, In everything I have done I have never had the talent to sing like my daughter, I never scored a touchdown on my high school football team. Never hit a home run ball. My kids have done that.

There's not much that can make me cry, But real life does it every time, Not some contrived song that's Written  to get your emotion , and country music fits that to a tee!.

The good news when I cry its good news! someday I know that will change, but its all good right now I hope its the same for you!



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  1. Just reading this made me teary eyed. Agreed about the National Anthem. If I am watching a game or race at home and it comes on I will literally get off the couch and put my hand on my heart. I know it sounds dumb but I have the utmost respect for that song and this country.

    And don't even get me started on having to put an animal down just now thinking about it terrifies me!