Monday, October 7, 2013

Just carrying on an old family tradition.

Yesterday My not so little man and I went to Solider field to watch the Bears play New Orleans Its always fun to watch the bears and get some nice views of the best city in the world.

Gotta love a bunch of disgruntled fans yelling at the players and coaches. Spilling beer and acting like they have all the answers .I don't disagree with the collective groans. It costs a ton of money to go to a game. You have every right to be pissed but it gets old quick.

Often when we go to a game and we try to get there at least once a year, I tell him about the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Metra South Shore Line. I tell him how when I was a kid I can remember walking that bridge with my dad, It was my first foray into seeing drunken loud men screaming like morons . When your young that's the stuff you remember.

As we walked over that bridge it was different than when I was a kid. The old bridge is now new and fancy, The city skyline has changed and so has that neighborhood. What hasn't changed much is the product!

It's pretty sad when the jerseys you see at the game are all former players, Payton, Dent, Butkis, Hampton, But not many current players. It then dawned on me the Bears just aren't that good, In my lifetime the years of 84 to 90 stick out. Other than that Super bowl with Sexy Rexy its been pretty lame.

Not too many people want to wear a Cutler jersey. I like the guy he seems to have all the tools but Chicago has not embraced him. He's not one of us, He just doesn't seem to care and that's what bothers this town.

I haven't lost faith, What I have done is understand this: These are pro players at the very highest level of competition, They still will make millions of dollars win or lose. The Cutlers of the world don't care about the impact they have on a city that lives and dies with this team. I'm sure they want to win but they don't have to, again it's business.

But the best part of that game is the walk over that bridge, Telling my kid the importance of why its called Solider Field the memories we made watching the team lose and the loud screaming drunk guys will resonate in his memory forever.

I could care less if the bears win, I'm into watching him play High School football, Its football at its purest level. Years from now he will be able to take his son to that same stadium and I hope he recall's the awesomeness of the walk over that rickety old bridge and tells his kid about the time he and his old man made that same walk.

Its a family tradition.



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