Friday, January 24, 2014

I don't know why they say grown men dont cry

Ok my Dad has been in a rehab facility for the better part of a month rehabbing from a broken hip. When it happened I was pissed at how it transpired  as it was a silly mistake  that need not have happened. And mind you this was not a mistake on my parents behalf.

Finding a place that can take care of your parents is a daunting task, We found an awesome one and as soon as my dads gone from there I will let you know of this place, But todays blog is to talk of the people that are there.

First the care givers are unreal, But the patient's are the hero's, Some with family's by their side, Some forgotten by kids that seem to have forgotten about the old or sick in their life's. The good story's are great, But for those who forget? That's Bullshit.

I have met a lovely woman who's husband has Parkinson's, He cant speak much. He was an old tractor collector who used to be an ace with his hands. Now he's diminished to his thoughts that he cant quite get across. His wife shows the stress in her face, All she needs is a friend. Someone to talk to, Guess who that guy is?

The next is Duane, he's loud, he's witty, he's fun, he drives my dad nuts because he seems to always want to take up my dads time with my sister patty who somehow has become the Mother Teresa of this place. We like Duane. he's cool. and his family's there for him.

Than there's the family in "308" this man graduated high school in 1988, he went to Wheaton North. he's the principal at Morris High School, and a former football coach. Monday I was there when he was in re-hab. I was watching him try to learn how to walk again. He would take small steps to his little girl, I was sitting with my Mom and I just lost it. couldn't look up, I just sat there and was a baby.

That one hit home, We create all of our daily problems and think we are in control and were kidding ourselves. I see a lot of me in this guy. And I guess I saw myself walking to my daughter. All I can do is hang and say hi. Talk football and hopefully bring this guy some joy. To make matters worse he's a Cubs fan!

Thanks to the Cubs and Crane Kenny he and his family will have the red carpet treatment when he's able to get to a game this summer. Hopefully he can drive down there in the classic Malibu he wants to build.

This past month in my life has changed me. I will find someway to volunteer to help this place out. Trust me when I tell you grown men do cry. Perhaps its Ray Ray is growing up, Perhaps I'm a product of a guy who thinks I have problems when in reality I don't.

We need to slow down and lean a hand, Hell just talk to someone who needs a conversation. It's good for the soul.



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  1. Ray, your post was very touching. Very. We don't really know how lucky we are - do we - until we spend time in a place like this. You now know the secret. The secret to making the best of every day - every moment - and appreciating those you love.
    That's a real good thing! I'm sending my best wishes to your Dad for continued recovery on the path of wellness!