Monday, January 27, 2014

This Is The Power of Radio.


As a long time listener of US 99.5 I want to THANK YOU for visiting with my son who is a patient at The Tillers in Oswego.  You made his day.  My son is Mitch Nystedt, Principal of Sandwich High School, married to Wendy and father of Haley, Molly and Trevor.  We are huge country music fans.  Mitch and Wendy are big Garth Brooks fans.  I don't know how much Mitch told you of his circumstance so if this is repetitious skip it.  Mitch went in for a thyroidectomy on June 07, 2013 for cancer of the thyroid.  This surgery is fairly routine in surgical circles but certainly far from minor surgery.  He suffered serious complications the most serious being a total left hemispheric stroke which I am sure you picked up on while visiting with him.  He has been in 5 different hospitals and now sub acute rehab at The Tillers while he awaits yet another surgery to replace the bone flap in his skull.  After this upcoming surgery he will go back into acute rehab first locally and then hopefully to Quality Life in Omaha.   He is working very diligently on the long road to recovery and has made amazing progress since June.  A group of educators, administrators, dance instructors, friends and church family has formed "Mitch Madness" to assist with getting Mitch home to Morris and with his family.  Their goal is to retrofit the home so it will be accessible for Mitch.  Their efforts are nothing short of "mind boggling!"

When I visited Mitch on Wednesday and again last evening all he could talk about was how you had visited with him and asked about his family.  On my visit Wednesday it was the first thing he said as I entered his room.  Last evening at the evening meal we were sitting not far from your parents.  Your mom started talking with Mitch and you could see his face lite up.

So thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving my son a cheerful visit and brightening his day.  Our family will never forget this.  And of course I will continue to listen to you and Lisa as I drive to work in the early morning.  No matter how tired I am in the morning I know I can look forward to hearing you and I will have a smile on my face as I enter my workplace.

Stay warm and safe in this far from normal winter weather we are having.  Now I must go shovel my drive before the next snowfall arrives.  Have a great day.


Mary Nystedt
Wheaton, IL
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