Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not sure what to say about the followg blog, But it pisses me off.

The night before last I was driving I-88 East at Eola Road. There what appeared to be a broken down truck with a small car behind it. There was also a State of Illinois help truck and a state trooper.

Hard to miss the lights and the big arrow on the truck with the huge left arrow.

Then comes the news Monday Morning that the Trooper and the Help truck were plowed into by a semi-truck. The trooper is Douglas Balder hes in serious condition. The State worker Vince Petrella was killed.

We get news this morning that the truck driver falsified his log book and has been ticketed for that and news reports say he was severely fatigued.

No matter how you break this down its sad, Three life's changed forever. Three guys just doing their jobs. Three people trying to make a living.

I just don't understand how you can operate a vehicle, Yet be so tired that you cant see these lights. again its just sad.

Prayers to the Trooper, and May Mr Petrella rest in peace.

We are all guilty of driving tired, Driving distracted, But now I'm pretty sure this truck driver will be guilty of Murder by negligence.

I even called the state police and will testify that you could see the lights from a mile away.

Please be careful out there. and I know it sounds goofy but slow down, Get to the right so the guy on the side of the raod can get home as well.



  1. Other states have this law and Illinois needs it too, actually it should be a law in EVERY state. When there is an emergency vehicle on the shoulder or on a street whether they are helping or ticketing someone if possible, you need to move a lane over for their safety! I always do this especially on a highway.

  2. Very sad... Scott's Law is there to protect Emergency Vehicles for this very reason - go visit the IL State Fair and view the IL State Trooper vehicle that is on display. That is my BIL's vehicle from Dec 2010. Thankfully, all involved survived and there were no deaths, but my BIL and a passenger in the tow truck had to be cut out of the vehicles. The semi-truck hit the squad car and also the tow truck, which then went over the embankment. This story from Monday is just another reminder that we all need to slow down and lives can change in an instance.