Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We had some fun for the weekend, And snowmobile gangs and my partner?

Well this past weekend Lisa, Brett (Dancin Farmer, and her friends) met up with me in Northern Wisconsin.

This was Lisa's maiden voyage to the northland and I think she's hooked. Now the weekend wasn't without its flaws but mostly she just laughed her ass off, She had fun. And the guy she dates is as nice a guy as you could meet. (He's like 7' tall I kept telling everyone he was a former Chicago Bull)

But here's my problem with the activity known as snowmobiling, And keep in mind I'm basically a lunatic on these things. However most of my aggression is taken out on a race track where it should be.

I wont lie, I love sleds, Wisconsin, The whole shebang. But in the eyes of someone new like Lisa I think I realized something I had known about but I grown used to. Some sledders are idiots and especially the "Snowmobile Gang" she met.

This got me to thinking, manufacture's would like you to believe this is a family sport, But its not. Its too expensive. And with the x games and flat brim wearing kids it has turned into a wanna be bad ass feste.

Well, My pal Lisa was hassled by a group of guys from Minnesota for the better part of a night. Then ran into them the next day and the same crap. Such a joke, But that's what you get with a sport that mixes gas with testosterone. And the people in these small towns are getting sick of it.

Now mind you this is a small segment of the sport and there's good and bad everywhere but up north it seems to get worse every year. Mind you a few weeks ago  I was asked to help break up a fight when I was picking up a pizza. That was fun for my kids to witness. Just a little fight between North and South, That ended with two sledders getting tazed. Awesome for the "Sport"

Then you have Lisa's buddy that was with her, Nice guy, Some fast sleds. And the need to race Ray Ray. Now mind you I'm trying to behave and show these guys around my hamlet in Wisconsin. the outcome, Some shrinkage on his part. And in the trails it was even worse for him.

Bottom line, This is a sport when you have the balls to strap on a flack jacket, a helmet and put in all on the line in a sanctioned race. And when you do race, The guys you race with have no where near the ego that you will find in the bars.

Its a awesome activity when your with friends, I love that Lisa is a sledder now, One of the manufacture's should jump on board and sponsor our show, Your business is shrinking faster than the economy. And you need some good publicity.

I used to wonder why business owners wanted winter to end in Northern Wisconsin, To the casual observer you would think they want the money winter tourism brings to end after a snowmobile season.

After this past winter I don't blame them. Summer is family time. I hate to say it but I kind of see their point.