Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How can 10th place be Olympic Gold?

OK I will admit I have been pulled into the Olympic games! And I think I have a different perspective than I used to.

Here's why. Watching these athletes I no longer get taken back to my youth, Although I'm still competitive as a professional snowmobile racer on a pretty high level. But now I watch as a dad. As a father of kids that are pretty good at sport.

To watch Sean White fall short your heart cant help but break, Not unlike watching your kid miss a tackle, Or your daughter mis stepping on a floor routine. Call it pride in your country, Or perhaps you just know that all that work, all that preparation just went up in one bad move in the half pipe.

That I-pod kid can do all the YOLOs (his big move) he wants he will never be as cool as the flying tomato.

And the Ray Ray favorite story of the Olys this week? Hands down our Luger. (is that how you spell it?) Kate Hansen.

She finished 10th but embodies the spirit I want my kids to have, Dance like no one is watching, Live live, celebrate, do your best. And just roll baby! So far she is exactly what she should be at this point of her life!

To Conner, Cass and my beautiful Cheyenne, Let this be an open letter to my babies, Always try, Always love in what you do. Live life, Be your own person, And good things will always happen.

Funny how someone finishing 10th and 7 spots from the podium can be so "Golden"


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