Tuesday, February 18, 2014

God Bless The Boys That Make The Noise On 16th Ave!

That's the title to an old Lacy J Dalton song, It speaks of the pilgrimage to Nashville that thousands make to every year to be a star.

Its talks about the famous 16th Avenue, where the Music gets made. Where stars rise and fall.

I never thought I would have any interest in how the music business works, I wanted to be in Chicago Radio. Talk about all the things that make this city tick. Yes I love Country but its not the be all end all that I'm doing Country radio.

Country Music has been good to be, In all honesty CBS Radio has been good to me, It has afforded  My family and Me my family a nice living.

Its the vehicle that prompted my Daughters love in music, That's why shes in Nashville at Belmont. And that's why shes also a block off 16th Ave, Shes on 17th at Catch this Music Recording. Shes there being an intern, Doing the things you do to get a foot in the door.

Along the way in any business you meet people some good, some not so good. I think she met someone very good named Eddie, Hes runs the studio. In a world of smarm and "Boy have I got a deal for you" hes refreshing. No ego, just a lover of music.

I'm staying out of my kids way as she finds herself, I'm not a Dadanger (Manager) But she can sing! She has an amazing voice, and vocally can do things that would make Tori Kelli Blush.

Its just cool to know that there are good people in the world, Trust me I have a nose for bullshit and can smell it a mile away.

I hope as your kids get older they can find their way, I'm sure just like you that I worry too much. Its hard to sit back and watch, but that's what I'm doing and so far that seems like the best thing I can do. Who knows what the future holds. But at least shes at the plate swinging!


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