Wednesday, February 19, 2014


That's a tall order, But I can see it in my daughter Cassie, She has sibling rivalry with her brother. And he's a pure badass. She will fight him until she cry's, and she often does but he's making her tough. and I think that good.

I have a lunatic friend in the middle of  Wisconsin and his daughters race snowmobile with the Boys every weekend. and They win.

I have another Buddy who daughter has been singed to a developmental deal with NASCAR, she's fast and yes she can out run the boys.

Enter Mikaela Shiffrin She a US Olympic skier and she's fast, I'm pretty sure she doesn't race with the boys but she know that on most slopes, On most courses throughout the world she could beat you. and beat you bad!

In the next few days your going to see the acronym ABFTTB. The meaning? Always be faster than the boys.

As a dad of two girls that are capable of anything I like that mentality. But I think we S.A.B.E. but the girls have been fighting that forever!



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