Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Star is born!

Funny how we roll on in our life's, We work, We Live or survive, get up and do it again.

My job is to connect with legions  of people everyday and try to make them feel something that we have in common, Make them know that they are not alone in their daily struggles or triumphs.

Some days we are good and some days I feel a disconnect. We seem to be a show that loves to talk about divorce, and relationships. But mostly divorce and for me its a struggle. Its very personal and I would rather talk about fishing. But I'm told by those that are smarter than me that  our mostly female audience doesn't care about the latest Muskie lure.

So for today I will get joy from my little Cassie, She 10 and  weather or not her mom or I know it shes the boss. She can take the abuse of my son whos a beast like a champ. God help any kid that ever messes with this girl.

She smart shes tough and shes sweet. And she our new budding star.

The little ones in a family always are in tow, She has been to her sisters musical and concerts, she has been to more football and baseball games on her Brothers account than anyone should have to endure.

I found out the other day she tried out for a part in Sussical the Musical, and she scored a pretty cool part where she will sing a solo.

So now it starts for the little one, Now shes gonna be in the spotlight. Yes shes plays ball and is her brothers crash test dummie but I think this is just the start for her. This will be the start of something intresting.

I say interesting because Cass has a bold bravado, a mix of confidence that come from hitting the books very hard, Shes rock solid thanks to her take no shit attitude. And she's funny and cute.

Go baby girl. You can do whatever you want in life, But it all starts by being a participant in life. Live by your own rules, Make mistakes, and when in doubt focus on the positive. No matter what happens good or bad you will always win!

Love Daddy.

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