Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We have a new sled head.

Nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing.

I work with a crazy person, Yesterday Lisa exclaims, "I'm gonna buy a snowmobile" And I had no doubt that she was. That's how she rolls.

So a call to Ted Nielsen and we were on our way to a sale, She bought an awesome Ski-doo. Two person sled basically the Cadillac of snowmobiles. And I have to say Ted gave her a stellar deal.

She's like a kid excited, and ready to have fun in the snow today. Pretty cool stuff.

So While I thought it was an monumental day I got to thinking about safety. I know her Mom will worry about her out on this thing, and lets face it you can get into some trouble on these things.

You should see me when I'm teaching my kids how to ride and basically respect something so small with so much power. They cant tell but I'm literally a wreck. They have watched me race, So they think speed and action is their friend. I have been doing this for a long time and I feel best when I'm going fast. I feel safest when I'm on a racetrack.

Farm fields and trails are much more dangerous than the recreational aspect of snowmobiling, But I have no doubt that Lisa can have fun and handle this thing.

Dad always taught me to respect these things, They are a blast. it will introduce her son to freedom of a vehicle long before he will drive a car, It will also make him better prepared to drive. Its so fricken cool.

Lisa and I laugh about the "Problems we create" This off the cuff purchase will enlighten the senses, It will open up the possibility's. Now when the Polar Vortex makes its presence felt she will scoff, and wish for winter to last into April.

Lisa knows how to roll, Now its time to ride.



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