Friday, January 17, 2014

Do you believe in Jeeeezus?

So lately I have had a chance to visit with family I haven't seen for months and in some cases years. You see when my dad was just living his life I guess he wasn't that interesting. But a broken hip will bring out the kids out  like rats to a Chicago garbage can.

While visiting lately my oldest sister who has had her share of bumps in life's highway always has to be the agitator. I won't go into details but she's a non believer. And its not hard to see its not worked out well.

Now before I go any farther, I have lived life like a beer commercial  I have at times stayed at the party too long. Perhaps done things that someone of faith and good character just wouldn't do. But alas I'm forgiven.

Enter (que the heavily music)..."The Golden Child" My twin  sister patty lives life as a good Christian. Now don't get me wrong she will have fun and party with the best of them. She's fun and funny but she believes, her life is lived in faith. and watching her and her Husband I gotta say it works.

She takes care of herself, She has a great marriage, she is very successful in her professional and personal life. And she's thee on person I could count on if things got shitty.

Now I'm not sure how it all works from the Big bang, To evolution, To two crazy kids eating forbidden apple. But I do believe, Just not as fierce as she does.

Now, I'm not gonna bath myself in the blood, But this needs to be looked into. I'm a good Dad, a great Son. And when it comes to veterans, dogs and kids in need I'm your go to guy. I love to do good in the hood.

As I look at the difference in my sisters I think its time to re evaluate. And I don't worry about going to Hell

But I don't want to go thru Hell while I'm on earth. I think I'm learning that this faith thing may have some validity.

Hopefully I can find it in Wisconsin this weekend!


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  1. I quote Steve Miller. ...
    "You've got to go through hell before you get to heaven".....