Monday, January 13, 2014

When will a girl winning in racing be normal?

Yesterday I was following news out of Eagle River and the vintage races. I had to get updates from friends as I have been busy with my dad and have decided to not race until we get things back to normal around here.

Back in the fall I was approached by a friend of mine Allen Decker to let a young lady from Quebec to run one my race sleds . As much as I would have liked to help I just don't have the Parts or the expertise as The "Deckers" to loan a sled out. I'm not Richard Childress. I had to decline.

Her name is Sabrina Blanchet, She young. She's  tiny and she's fast.

I had no doubt this young lady could drive, She is the Eagle River semi-pro champ from last year and is fearless and fast. So basically she's one of the best snowmobile racers in the world. That she won shouldn't be a surprise.

So yesterday it surprised me when people started saying, "wow the boys got beat by a girl" and "bet some guys will be really pissed tonight" Then of course some started to post pictures of her. Kinda silly.

I race with TJ Patrick, You may have heard of his kid Danica. It amazes me how rude people are with their opinions, It rolls right off his back.  TJ exclaims "She makes 20 million a year, I win"  he's correct he has won! So has she.

The goofy racing world I'm in that's really a bunch of good old boys weekend racing. This young girl is the real deal and next weekend will be racing with the young guns. She most likely will be the first woman to qualify for the World Championship in Eagle River.

As the dad of two very capable beautiful girls, and friends with the mom and dad of NASCARS most accomplished driver isn't it time to understand that the playing field has been leveled? If you have a sister wouldn't you want her to be on the same level as you?

Yesterday I have a feeling the guys that were racing with her saw her as nothing more than a very talented driver. At least in one race they  knew she was REALLY talented.

Yesterday to both Men and Women that were surprised by this Really? Welcome to the future it got    here about 30 years ago.



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  1. I attending the 2014 Eagle River Vintage races this past weekend, and it was a pleasure to watch Sabrina race, it is an understatement to say that she is just talented. This young lady was precise in her lines and smooth with her laps and amazing to watch race. And I look forward to see her in the future and wish her the best of luck with her World Championship run to be the first women to take this title.

    Good Luck Sabrina.