Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jason Aldean's dateing life Makes news!! and the "Dirty before 630"

OK I will admit that I'm an Aldean fan and I have been for a long time, But yesterday our producer  posted on our Lisa and Ray Facebook that Jayson is still with the "Other Woman" , Now mind you, I have a family, Kids, Real life problems that force me to not give a crap about this guys personal life.

The comments varied, But there were a few that stuck with me, Like "Once a cheater always a cheater" And "His poor wife" theirs one that really stood out though, It said something to the effect of "Most the hosts of your radio show thinks marriage is a joke"

That last comment kinda stuck with me, First to people who are quick to condemn this guy, Remember "Judge Lest ye be judged" Second, Lisa and I believe in commitment, love, kids and life. However a quick look at reality shows that not everything lasts forever. To not understand that would be foolish, and not realistic.

I don't pretend to know what goes on in any one's life, and Honestly as long as your my friend, Family co-worker, brother or sister I don't care. I will stand by you.

Thank God most people are more understanding than to judge those they don't know, Especially someone whose usually singing songs someone else has written. If their life ever goes off track I hope they can adjust.

 The old saying goes ."If we can't live the life's we want we have to live the life's we have".

Thankfully for some we have do-overs, If your better Jayson that's your opinion, and you know what those are worth.

To you in love forever rock on, For those that are not here's to a "Better love next time"


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