Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Boys running for Gov think were stupid!

I'm torn between two runners, That's the  two guys that are running for Governor of the state of confusion known as Illinois. I mean lets face it this state is a mess. But its our state so we must find ways to love....

Quinn has been a friend to me, and I honestly believe he's a good guy. He's a friend to veterans, and lets face it he followed a the debacle known as Gov Rod.

Then there's Rauner. I don't know much about Bruce. Only what I have heard in the campaign rhetoric that's just preceded the primary election on Tuesday. Listening to The left I would be led to believe that he lives in mansions paved with streets of gold, Sort of like heaven.

I honestly would call Pat Quinn  a friend, and for a construction workers kid from West Chicago to actually have a Governor's number on his contacts list is pretty cool. But that doesn't get me to pay lower taxes or Get inner city Chicago kids a better education.

Here's my problem with the way we elect our leaders, Why in the hell do we have to pretend that our leaders are like regular folks? It takes a huge ego to run for office, I mean there has to be a level of narcissism to think you can run a state.

I like that Bruce Rauner is a successful business man, Think about it if you had a Hundred dollars left to your name , Would you choose an investor who knows how to make money? or the guy who is a regular Joe?

Why do we as Americans  need to apologize for being successful? Isn't that what America is all about? "The American dream" Not sure about you but I don't get up at 330 every day and do a job so I can be mediocre.

Here's an idea, Boys lets be honest, Your both millionaires , and yours hands only need washing after you use the bathroom. So pretty please with sugar on top, Don't insult us by telling us your just good old boys. This is our state your running not the local "Burger joint you both say you worked in"

Come to think of it a Construction workers kid shouldn't have a Governor's number in his phone!

See ya in November!


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