Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My "New" word for the dictionary.

I'm not sure if this is a word or not so bare with me, If its not it needs to be. This word can't be lost on me alone, and after listening to both men and women complain about relationships on our little radio show it has to be a problem for  both sexes.

I guess I used to be more of a romantic, That I used to be more proficient around the house, and just basically a more 'In touch millennial kind of guy"

The word is "Uyousta" Not sure if that's how I should spell it, But its my word. So my interpretation is up to me.

Here's an example of how's its been used on me. "Uyousta" love me. "Uyousta " be so fun. Ugh.

Here's one Yauseta be a heck of lot more fun too!!

So there's my little word that I'm now going to champion, It cant just be used on me. I'm a pretty good guy. At least I "Yuesta" be!


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