Monday, March 10, 2014

This is where the Cowboy rides away!

I was a mere boy in 1973 when my parents bought an old 45 from a guy named Terry Stafford, The big hit he had was called "Has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose" I guess my Grandma loved that song.

On the flipside of that old record was the original "Amarillo by morning" It wasn't until January of 1983 that that song had any real meaning for me.

My dad and I were on an epic family trip to find an old Korean war buddy of his in a town I had never heard of before, the town was Tucumcari New Mexico. Our trip took us down the old Rt 66. As fate would have it we were listening to a radio station out of Dallas the famous 820 am WBAP.

That was the first time I ever heard of a guy named  George Strait That was the first time I ever understood what the impact of song could have in my life. It was my Dad and Me looking for his old friend (We never found) a very early Texas morning, Oil rigs dotting the horizon as the sun came up. And the song "Amarillo" comes on the AM radio as we are leaving Amarillo. Priceless. My favorite song of all time.

To have been able to meet George, and see him do that song many times always takes me back to that morning. I have to admit although I know George will still record and make music, I know that as far as the touring he is riding away. And that is pretty emotional for a kid that's still in awe of the "Cowboy"

Hope you had a chance to see that at 60 years old George strait is still relevant. And that he can sell 18,000 tickets faster than most the new acts, he's riding away at the top of his game!

Thanks for the ride!


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