Monday, March 3, 2014

The difference between a Gina and a Ray

So this morning Lisa says "Are you sure you want to talk about that on the air" I was like yes.... But the FBI may call, Whatever.

I know that Lisa and Gina don't understand Me or my 15 year old son. So let me set this up.

This past weekend my son gets this crazy desire to build stuff, I say what, he says anything. His list includes anything from zip lines in towering pine trees to Fish tanks. The problem is he's smart and wants to do everything.

He's also a history buff and lately is infatuated with the Korean and Viet Nam Wars. Don't call the Korean war a conflict. He quick to say a conflict is something between friends. His grandfather is  a decorated Korean Vet.

We were watching the History Channel and watched an awesome segment on Viet Nam. He watched intensely, I dam near cried at the story's. It prompted me to think my God please watch over these boys in the service. But I digress.

Moms whether you know it or not your boys are inquisitive, They are online and trust me they are looking at more than girls. They are looking up crazy stuff, and stuff that may get them hurt. Now don't bury your head in the sand. Boys have been playing with fire and fireworks for years. Mine is no different. Neither is yours.

So my son wants to experiment with his dad, I wont go into details on what we did but I can tell you this, It was harmless and goofy. And it gave me the chance to tell him what to be careful with, and how harmless fun can lead to dangerous results.

Just like the "Talk" make sure your kids understand that what their buddies are doing  and how it may have consequences. It will give you a chance to make your  kid  understand that You in fact, Understand him. That you once were just like him.

I know Gina thinks I'm a rouge lunatic but there's some things between a father and son that moms don't need to question, And believe it or not there are "Things" that he and I can share that she cant duplicate.

This weekend I had the time of my life with my not so little man. there's nothing in the world I would rather have done. No one else I would rather have been with.

And who know perhaps are goofing around will lead him to make a good decision down the road.


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