Thursday, February 27, 2014

OMG The rules for dating amd marraige.

Ah the way we roll these days, The name of the show should be Lisa and Rays relationship rescue.
We really are a show steeped in D.R. Phil.

I love the bullshit. Today we had a guy claim he would "Cut the kids nuts off" If he didn't get his permission to marry his daughter.

I take exception to that call, Why is it in this world are  the Boys are always the ones who are being bashed ?

It all goes back to the stupid "Cleaning this gun theory" Have my daughter back by 10 or I will shoot your sorry ass. Shut up, Pick your knuckles and grow up.

My kid at 15 years old could probably whip any of his potential girlfriends fathers  asses anyway. Let see your old, Out of shape, and he can bench 325 and can put you in a wrestling move before you know what hit you. Sure intimidate him. Good luck.

But here's the thing, My boy is a sweet kid who respects. He would respect you and your daughter. To the crazy fathers that call the show I ask you this, what's the problem? Why you worried? Is your daughter wearing "Love Pink" sweats? Is she the hoochie momma at the mall?

Lets face it the problem isn't my kid or the boy, Its you. Its what you did in the past.

I have a two daughters, I have an awesome son. God help the father that wants to be a jackass.



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