Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Boys Of Fall....

School started this week for my kid and for most kids in the Chicago burbs. Honestly if you ask me with the exception of one week, school never really ended, at least football didn't.

This week as kids get back to their schedule, many of these boys are trying to juggle school, Football, workouts, fundraisers, community service programs for their towns, selling booster raffles, you name it these kids are doing it. It's a lot of work.

They just worked out all summer, doing two a days, becoming good solid young men, all while keeping their grades up so they can play. They have formed lifelong bonds with coaches and they will have these teammates as brothers for a lifetime.

Now before we go to far, Thanks to the Moms, the Dad's the coaches, trainers, the cheer team, the bands,  the announcers, spotters, boosters,  you name it. There is so much work that goes into these games its unthinkable.

This fall when the daylight becomes scarce and you see the sky lit up from the local stadium do yourself a favor, grab five bucks out of your wallet and catch a local game, cheer for a team, when you do you will be cheering for all those people mentioned above. this is what an American Friday night is all about!

No matter what your school, no matter where you are from ,Ray Rays a fan, I'm a fan of the hard work and the effort, and I'm a fan of your kid.

Make no mistake, there are no ribbons for effort at this level, But there are no losers. if your team goes 0-9 or 9-0 I'm all in.

I wish your kids a good season, and one free of injury's. Just  understand if your playing against a team called the Bulldogs I may be a little, wait, I will be very biased.



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