Friday, June 5, 2015

Judge lest ye be judged.

Funny how life rolls. Last Friday when we were at the Dunkin doughnuts "Live show" A woman came up to Lisa and handed her flowers, Never said a word to me then talked to Lisa about her son taking his own life, I listened to her while she never acknowledged that I was sitting there. The funny thing is I was in a ward days before with someone very close that tried to take their life. But I'm the fun guy on the show I don't have the Rep for the "Heartfelt stuff"

The other day on Facebook after a photo someone comments "You look tired" and I thought shut the hell up.

Then I thought you know what? "I am tired"! let give you some background on how a guy can be "Tired"

Sunday night I was out until 1 am,  As I stated earlier I have someone who is struggling, This person has repeatedly lied to me and my family. But you don't turn your back because this person needs serious help.

Then up at 3:30 to do the show.

Then home by 11:00 to let the dog out, Then head over to my ex wife's house to work on her house and help her all afternoon.

Then baseball.

All that tied in with the fact that I travel up North every weekend to slowly say goodbye to my dad. His Alzheimer's is progressing fast and its like he's dying in front of me. That's one I have come to grips with, And every week I slowly let him go.

I'm blessed with a beautiful woman that is the mother of my kids, I will help her whenever she needs me. She's the reason my kids are awesome. And I don't talk about my divorce because US99.5 listeners don't need to hear it. Its over, she's fine, I'm fine, My kids see me every day and know that whenever Gina needs me I will always be there.

I'm also in the midst of someone very close in the fight of her life battling cancer.

Oh and did I tell you I'm also managing my daughters singing career, I don't want to hear about busy working moms, Or single parents or anything else.

So to the person that looked past me talking about the storms of life, You're  not alone. Don't exclude people because you never know where help may come from. To the woman who said I look tired, One: I'm entitled, But perhaps (and I need to practice this too) Think before you speak because things are never what they seem.

Oh and by the way I look dam good! And I'm glad I can offer help to all those that need me, In this life you give what you get. I have been given a lot!

Have a great weekend.



  1. You are awesome. Just saying :) Aging parents ... yep, dealing with that ... that alone is a heartbreak (dad w/parkinson's) ... some times being perceived as the "happy person" is a lot harder than people think. Love listening to you, but love knowing more about YOU even more.

  2. Wow Ray. I am so glad I read this because for quite a long time I have wanted to write you. You amaze me and I know you weren't looking for any praise but you do. What you give to your family of listeners is humor, honesty and love; I have listened to you since your days with JD Spangler. The joy you have in your voice every day is contagious and I feel the pain you are experiencing with your father. My heart aches for you and your entire family. I have never experienced losing someone to Alzheimer's but have lost both of my parents. (I am a lot older than you and Lisa and people just don't live forever). My word of advice which you don't need, is treasure every minute with your parents, they helped to make you the wonderful son, husband (or ex husband) and father and friend. The lessons you teach your children and actually your listeners as well is priceless. If you are tired you have every right but please don't stop - don't stop being that human that is admired and loved by a lot of people.

    P.S. Congrats on your honor at West Chicago High School.

    Annie D'Esposito