Thursday, May 21, 2015

After all this time your always on my mind!

I don't fancy myself as anything more than a kid from West Chicago Illinois who has a cooler then average job. My friend and contemporary  Lin Brehmer from WXRT said it best early this morning when he said "We will never be as good as David Letterman".

The good new is we don't have to be good as Dave, we just have to be good. the following is a e-mail from a long time listener.This is as good of an e-mail you can ever hope to get.

If you have been listening twenty minutes or twenty years, thank you! The following is from Joe a US99.5 Listener.

You sir, are a credit to the station, our city and should make your father and children proud.
The time you took to inform your listeners and attempt to bring a child's dream to fruition are beyond words and you deserve every accolade and award that you have gotten over the years and then some! I felt the need to send you a short message in the hopes that it might mean a little bit to you to have someone say it. I've been a fan for over 20 years and don't turn the dial in the morning. I am an officer with the Cook County Sheriffs Dept with almost 30 years on. But I have my own personal reason for being such a big fan. 21 years ago I called you at about 6 AM as I drove to Children's Memorial with my son and my very upset wife for a surgery on him at just 5 months old. You played a song for my me that settled my wife down and things went much better. I also had a chance to work with you at the Taste of Chicago one summer when I was Alan Jacksons security. I didn't say anything about my son then. I felt it might not be the right time. But now? All I want to say is you're one helluva guy and if I ever see you out, I'm buying!!! My name is Joe and I hope this gets to you Sent from my iPhone.

No Joe thank you!


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