Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Questions that have no answers .

I will always remember where I was when I spoke with Emily Beazley's dad Ed. I was behind home plate at my daughters baseball game. Watching #12 do what she does best and that is being a little girl.

We spoke of getting Taylor Swift to call his little girl, and all I could think of  was ,... "what if", "What if  it was me that was in that situation"? What would I do? how would I feel?  all I could do was talk with this man and listen. Listen to him talk about this little warrior.

Our conversation wavered as we covered things like Baltimore and the way the Police are viewed these days. You see Ed is one of Chicago's finest, and no matter what you have to say about Cops there are more good then bad, and if you don't agree with that then we will always disagree. But I digress.

Today Ed and his wife send there little girl home, I cant even begin to imagine what kind of hell that is. But we have learned that we must fight, We must understand that the cure is in the research, we must understand that we can never forget the fighters. And this little girl was a fighter.

We can learn a lot from Emily, we learned that even in these crazy times an entire city can pull together for a child. That one little girl can let one big city know just what's important. And perhaps in her memory we can take what she taught us and  be better to each other.

I  wish to send condolences to every one of Emily's Entourage who never let her down, Just a big group of people who embraced this little girl and gave her hope, made her smile, and gave her encouragement when the hope was dim.

Emily has gained her wings today, But the sprit of this little girl will live forever. That's a lot of life from such a little girl.




  1. Well said Ray 💜 💚 Rest in peace beautiful girl

  2. Said it all RR. Never give up. Shining example for all. Rest in peace Emily.